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Our team: We believe that as much as we are selective about the companies we invest in, technopreneurs must also believe we are the right partners to build their businesses with. With more than 15 years combined experience in and outside Malaysia, we believe we are one of the most experienced venture capital teams in Malaysia.

Alignment of interests: Our senior management are significant owners of our business. Like the technopreneurs we back, we are committed to building a successful business and to achieve this, the companies we invest in have to be successful. We have a clear vested interest in ensuring their success.

Our value added: In addition to the network, experience and expertise of our management team, our portfolio companies have access to the resources of the iSpring Capital Group. These include corporate advisory services, acceleration and incubation, management and network of investors (including international venture capital firms) and business partners. We believe this grouping of resources under one firm is an important differentiating factor and more importantly, provides an ecosystem in which portfolio companiesí chance of success are enhanced.