Our Model recognizes that at different stages of its lifecycle, technology companies will have different needs. Business acceleration to cater for companies at seed and early stage, venture capital to provide funds for growth and advisory to prepare for the IPO. Our value proposition is the ability to provide these critical resources to build and drive sustainable value in businesses.

Venture Capital: We provide companies with options to raise capital necessary to build businesses, either from our managed fund, Mavcap Technology Sdn Bhd or from our extensive network of venture capital partners, including international venture capital firms.

Corporate Advisory: We combine seasoned investment banking experience to provide advisory services to corporate clients on subjects as diverse as IPO, funding and placement strategies, and mergers and acquisitions. We also act as professional intermediaries for companies seeking to raise venture capital funds.

Accelerator: Through our hands-on accelerator program, we provide companies at seed or early stage with a multitude of resources including operational and strategic advice, funding, physical infrastructure, access to mentors and other support resources to get to a stage where they can raise their first round of venture capital funding.