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We see ourselves as business partners first and investors second in our portfolio companies. Though we will have the right to representation on the board of our portfolio companies, we do not get involved in management; you should be much better at this than us. However, we do play an active post investment role in so far as grooming, nurturing and ensuring the eventual success of the company. This is achieved through a variety of ways.

  • We work closely with management on the company’s strategic, operational, marketing and human resource issues, either acting as a sounding board or as a conduit to potential customers or markets. In particular, our portfolio companies benefit from our experiences from working with other portfolio companies.
  • We strategize and plan the company’s funding road map, preparing it for future rounds of funding, including making introductions to potential investors. Eventually, we can prepare the company for an initial public offering.
  • We can advise the company on mergers and acquisitions as a strategy for growth and help identify potential merger or acquisition targets.

In additional to our team, our portfolio companies also have access to the resources and network of the iSpring Capital Group.