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Our objective is to achieve above average capital appreciation over the period of our investment. We generally look for 3 qualities in our prospective portfolio companies.

Management Team: We will only invest if we share the management teamís business philosophy, values and goals. We look for track record and ability to execute but most of all, we place a premium on integrity, professionalism and commitment.

Business Model: We like clever ideas or technology but will only invest in viable business models that can generate superior and sustainable returns. In our experience, companies that can achieve this will have some or all of the following: product/service differentiation, compelling customer value proposition, large market opportunity with potential for greater than average profitability, sustainable competitive advantage and barriers to entry and/or exit.

Potential Returns/Exit: As we derive our returns from the eventual divestment of shares in the companies we invest in, we will need to be convinced of the potential for exit opportunities such as an initial public offering ("IPO") or trade sale.